Vincerion – Origin story

Mar 4, 2022 | Agile Delivery, Apptio TargetProcess, Finance Transformation

The world is changing rapidly – The questions is no longer “should we change?” but rather “how quickly can we change?”

Technology, which used to be a driver of rapid change, is now an anchor – slowing down your organization’s ability to respond. If your organization, as well as the IT infrastructure that supports it, is to react, you will need to change more than just your organizational chart.

Cloud, automation, agile frameworks, and customer centric product development are now the table stakes necessary to play in today’s world. Implementing these capabilities presents unique challenges for traditional enterprises that are simply not designed for them, and can only be addressed through holistic transformation.

The size and scope of these transformations are so vast that the ‘north star’ – the vision – may seem distant and unreachable. However, to survive – even thrive – you must transform your organization.

The journey will be long and full of unknowns. The path taken by others may not be the one that will lead you to success. You will chart your course and set upon your journey only to learn more and encounter obstacles that will force you to alter your course, pivot your path while keeping your direction constant and clear. By and large, you will need trusted advisors who can establish themselves as experienced pathfinders to help you navigate the unknown and reach your destination.

This is where Vincerion comes in. Derived from two Latin words – Vinco (meaning to achieve) and Septentriones (meaning North Star) – Vincerion helps companies, individuals and teams achieve their North Star.

  • We help you charter your journey and determine your own unique path.
  • We empower your teams and ignite continuous learning.
  • We work with you in order to re-design your organization to enable culture of innovation.

Despite the fact that there are many kinds of transformation journeys that can benefit from this experience, we have a deliberate focus on cloud migration, business agility, automation, product management, agile delivery, and digital platformization.

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