Vincerion prides itself as a digital transformation consulting company that is facilitated by expert practitioners.

Our consultants have the knowledge and relevant experience that makes them effective trainers and organizational enablers.  They are not merely classroom or academic instructors, but they are domain practitioners, who are actively engaged in enabling organizations to develop in-house expertise, therefore accelerating the organization’s digital transformation initiative.

Provide Hands-on Workshops On Your Work and Data

We believe that training and workshops help enable organizational capabilities.  They facilitate learning by developing the skill sets required to own and advance their transformation effort. Our professionals provide a wide variety of enablement courses via online and/or in-person sessions.  These training sessions range from certification, non-certification, and even custom courses that meet our customers’ specific needs.  They are facilitated with the intent of equipping learners with the essential skills and knowledge that will enable them as experts themselves.  Thus, they are able to kickstart their own lifelong learning journey!

How Do We Provide Efficiency?

Our training and workshops are conducted with a variety of techniques to encourage participation and maximize learning. We limit the number of participants to maximize the interaction between students and instructors. Participants are immersed in a wealth of conceptual and practical hands-on knowledge to derive concrete data to be applied in the workplace. Our instructors offer multiple opportunities to do active learning, practice concepts, and take clear actions to apply relevant approaches beyond the classroom setting.

Why Training Is Essential?

Organizations that embark on a Digital Transformation recognize the need for big changes.  There are multiple reasons for embarking on a transformation. This process entails leveraging technology to accelerate value delivery and necessitates significant change, not just minor tweaks. It requires expertise, time, and an agile approach; moreover, it may mean a complete overhaul. There is no single way to go about it, but a big bang approach is not an option as well. Embarking on a digital transformation will require a very fundamental mindset change as organizations often avail of external experts to help develop organizational capability and internal expertise through formal and hands-on training.

How Does Digital Transformation Journey Start?

Some team members may embark on a knowledge and skill development journey which may involve participating in role-based training and showing understanding by earning a certification.  This knowledge triggers the interest and needs to expand beyond the knowledge or certification gained.  Thus, the student proceeds by applying the new knowledge and skill to their home organization to improve product and service delivery.  As a result, a new initiative is born: putting more focus on value delivery than work completed.  It is not about the number of work or tasks completed; rather, it is about meeting the customer’s needs.  The whole process plants the seed that develops the desire to establish a continuous learning environment. 

What is the role of Learn Portfolio Management (LPM)?

Managing multiple solutions requires the orchestration of effort across cross-functional teams. Each team’s outcome could be a component that has to be integrated into a deliverable solution. Learn Portfolio Management (LPM) model facilitates and enforces the alignment among efforts, execution strategies, objectives and intent. LPM helps align the strategy to the execution ensuring that the teams are prioritizing and dealing with features that support solutions and promote the strategic direction of the organization It also supports the funding of teams via a lean budget approach, which enables team empowerment to manage funding of products, instead of projects.  LPM is helpful in managing the development of multiple solutions and ensuring that work aligns with quantified objectives and key results (OKR).  In-house and external experts LPM and Agile Program Management Office (APMO) champions can support the collaboration efforts on a portfolio, program and team level. 

How Can We Help Your Organization?

Vincerion helps support organization digital transformation efforts to enable internal experts, who will facilitate the LPM activities, design thinking workshops, and other internal activities that foster the agile practices and mindset.  We always take a collaborative approach.  Transformation cannot be done for the organization – it is something that the organization creates for themselves.  This process may require help from external experts: trainers, coaches, transformation experts. Vincerion offers role-based and standard certification training revolving around developing agility and a growth mindset.  Below are some of the offerings, but may not necessarily represent an exhaustive list of training and workshops:



  • SAFe for Scrum Masters
  • SAFe Advanced Scrum Masters
  • Agile Product Management
  • SAFe Release Train Engineer


  • SAFe for Teams
  • Leading SAFe
  • Azure DevOps (ADO) work management
  • Sprint Planning, Prioritization, and Estimation


  • Design Thinking workshop – Conduct interactive and immersive Design Thinking workshops that generate a clear product/service roadmap for implementation.
  • Product Discovery and Delivery – workshops that facilitate the creation of value-driven products and services
  • Product Canvas
  • Feature writing
  • Work prioritization and estimation


  • Lean Portfolio Management Strategic Visioning
  • Solution development
  • Epic writing   
  • Value Stream Mapping – optimizes the flow and implementation of work within the enterprise.

Vincerion conducts online and in-person training and workshops.  Public class offerings are listed here.  Private or internal training and workshops are available, please contact us for more information.

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