The TBM Conference (TBMC) 2022

Nov 10, 2022 | Conference, Finance Transformation, Training & Workshops

We are incredibly proud to sponsor an amazing TBM conference which is going to take place in Austin, TX, November 7-8! The Technology Business Management (TBM) Conference 2022 is coming up on its 10th annual event and is the most important engagement of the year for transformational technology and finance leaders and practitioners. Hosted by Apptio, in partnership with the TBM Council, this hybrid event is designed to bring together more than 2500 global peers as they unite for keynotes, best practice presentations, training, and partner sessions that will share how TBM Conference 2022 is the command center for trusted decision making, agile transformation, and cloud optimization. The speed of business and decision-making has accelerated dramatically. Quarterly decisions are now happening monthly or weekly. High-performing companies are using technology as a competitive differentiator. The TBM Conference 2022 will show you how technology leaders evaluate their investments and portfolio to reallocate resources and defund underperforming digital initiatives—all to win the digital race. ​At TBMC, you’ll learn from the experiences of high-performing peers spanning across industries who are aligning technology investments to business outcomes with TBM.

Attending TBMC is your opportunity to hear what it means to deliver TBM excellence and prime you to share best practices with your teams. Because this isn’t about what’s coming in the future—we’re in the race now. It’s time to accelerate today. See details here. 

Join our founder, Konstantin Popov, MBA, PMP, at TBM Conference, on Tuesday, November 8, at 2 pm, and learn how the world of finance is impacted by digital transformation initiatives and what they can do to adopt! Tremendous advances have been made in the worlds of agile development, DevOps, lean thinking, and the like. Across many large companies, pockets of agile excellence, enterprise DevOps initiatives, projects to product pioneers, cloud adoption, and digital transformation initiatives are cutting across organization and cost center boundaries. However, their tendency to start and grow as grassroots initiatives is a testament to the misalignment with the organizational design of the enterprise around them. The misalignments are significant – across org structures, culture, processes, and much more.

One major aspect of misalignment is in project planning and delivery – our funding, performance management, delivery, and enterprise reporting systems are largely based on the traditional project-based approach. Siloed organizations with processes based on the project-based charge code, multi-year capital planning cycles, and rigid employee performance review processes struggle to align themselves with the digital paradigm and build a structure that will endure while providing the adaptability needed today.

Interested? We can’t wait to see you at TBM. Follow the link to get registered.

Join our Digital Transformation Consultant, Max Danilevsky, and Steve Mazurkiewicz, Apptio’s Senior Solution Architect, at TBM Conference, on Wednesday, November 9, at 11 am, to get insights into Targetprocess. This session will provide existing Targetprocess users and administrators with an introduction to more advanced features, tips and tricks, shortcuts, and best practices for getting more out of the platform. These tips on automation rules, validation rules, and more can drive improved process governance, further mature Enterprise Agile planning and management activities, save administration time, and ensure teams are getting the highest value possible from Targetprocess.

Interested? We can’t wait to see you at TBMC22! Follow the link to get registered.

Join Yuliya Oberman, Director of Finance, McGraw Hill Education, and our founder, Konstantin Popov, MBA, PMP, at TBM Conference, on Wednesday, November 9, at 11 am. An Apptio customer case study takes attendees through their experience driving a finance-led Enterprise Agile transformation by leveraging Apptio’s Integrated Portfolio. Follow the link to get registered.

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