• Born in: Jerusalem, Israel

  • Languages: English, Russian

  • Hobbies: Skiing, Hiking, Outdoors, Sci-Fi movies and books

  • Alma Matter: University of California, Davis B.S. Aerospace Engineering

Maxim Danilevsky

Digital Transformation Consultant

Maxim is a graduate of University of California, Davis with a diverse background of engineering and Agile project management. Engineering taught Max to be adaptable while Agile channeled that adaptability to become a leader in any digital transformation. Since 2015, Max has helped lead the Agile transformation within a Fortune 10 Company and revolutionized its IT by introducing a holistic approach to Business Agility using SAFe, world leading Automation and DevOps practices, software engineering, and Cloud organizational capability. Max joined Vincerion in January 2020 as a Digital Transformation Consultant assisting other enterprises achieve their digital goals.