• Born in: Mountain View, California

  • Languages: English

  • Hobbies: Golf, Ice Hockey, Weightlifting

  • Alma Matter: University of Nevada, Reno

Connor Cummings

Digital Transformation Consultant

Connor is a certified Professional Scrum Master with an emphasis on organizational cross-team development. Having spent years as a System Administrator within Jira, he brings a technical approach and train of thought when it comes to Agile implementation. After graduating with a BS in Information Systems he started full time as a Scrum Master within the database management area. Having worked alongside US Department of Energy projects he has a strong understanding of data governance and compliance. He has coached teams and entire managed service groups on Agile best practices and can understand the more technical side of things that teams may struggle with conveying to others. Connor brings high energy to his teams and highlights their strengths to deliver high value products in an Agile environment where timing and budget are critical.