Finance Transformation.
Shift from project to product funding

Once your IT development function has shifted from a project-based cost center model to a product and service-centric model, the impact on your finance teams leaves you stranded to figure out how to accommodate this operational change. How can you facilitate your organization’s finance transformation?

What Is The Right Way To Start?

Agile product delivery puts pressure on the rest of the system to adapt. Thus, your finance organization needs to move from a traditional budgeting model to a fixed capacity allocation model. Without any doubts, this journey is not easy. The thing is that your finance process has been established to not only accommodate the IT development practices, but to take care of stakeholder reporting & external regulatory obligations as well. Where do you start?

How Can We Help?

We are here to help walk you through it one step at a time. To kick start your Agile journey, you need to consider the stress points on the system such as new DevOps practices, Scaled Agile framework, and project to product-based development. We’ll share with you the best strategies to break down the necessary components to build a new funding model.

Why Choose Us?

At Vincerion, we understand the criticality of funding innovation for the future while keeping the lights on today. We know that without a plan, your digital transformation can be a disruptor that often conflicts with your traditional finance processes. Moreover, our clients recognize the struggle with the planning and reporting associated with the rapid development of capital assets and their labor costs. As a rule, they felt overwhelmed and frustrated when it came to Year-end reporting, depreciation practices, and understanding of the Total Cost of ownership.

What Can We Offer?

You might be looking for opportunities to improve some of your operations. Why not start by automating time writing? It’s a known fact that having to timewrite multiple charge codes per project and dealing with all the common redirects reduces both the flow and operational costs. As certified Targetprocess implementation experts, we are able to help you integrate Apptio Targetprocess with your ERP system to automate charge code assignment and timewriting submissions! We have successfully developed custom solutions and implemented this process for over 2,000 IT employees of a Forbes 10 company.

What Is Apptio Targetprocess?

Apptio Targetprocess is a leading enterprise agile management solution that enables organizations to rapidly scale and adopt agile practices and accelerate business agility. As the number of teams adopting agile in an organization grows, they need a solution that coordinates efforts. Besides, it is essential to efficiently map resources and ensure alignment to the overall business objectives, whether that is using SAFe, LeSS or other custom enterprise agile framework. By connecting strategy to execution and being the only solution that integrates directly with the industry-leading ApptioOne financial management platform, Targetprocess enables enterprises to track the full ROI of their innovation workstreams, inclusive of labor and technology costs, to help them make smarter decisions about technology investments. 

Targetprocess will help create a closed feedback loop for innovation and make smart funding decisions by accurately tracking and communicating the ROI and business value of project and product development. Existing EAP tools rely on rough estimate models for labor costs and do not compare these estimates against actuals when a product is delivered. Hence, these estimates can’t support changes in personnel and staffing that may occur spontaneously and often, creating inaccurate labor capitalization estimates.

How Does Apptio Targetprocess Facilitate Your Organization’s Finance Transformation?

Implementing a fixed capacity allocation model creates an opportunity to simplify the FinOps of any given portfolio. Leveraging Targetprocess to drive your work item classification enables finance to directly allocate capital spend, easily monitor capitalization trends, and plan depreciation schedules. This process not only promotes but requires a strong and active partnership between product management and finance. Besides, improving transparency and bridging the gap between your organizational silos is essential.

What is our strong side?

We work with our clients to leverage their existing finance practices by creating a simple and defensible capitalization policy that is built on strong Agile practices. We’ve developed a practical approach introducing Lean Portfolio Management and best financial practices to help create lasting change and alignment across your organization, doing our best to ultimately bridge the gap between IT and finance.

These proven business architecture transformations will pave the way for your organization to focus on funding products instead of projects. It will evolve how you assess investment opportunities through frameworks like lean portfolio management to ensure your investment funding is tightly aligned with your business strategy. As a result, this transformation will allow you to meet the rapidly changing demands of your stakeholders, promote business agility, develop Lean Budgets, track the right metrics, and enable Value Stream Coordination.


Schedule some time with us to discuss how we can kick start your financial transformation and take your organization to the next level of operating!

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